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Dropping by

I felt that I couldn’t let September completely go by without even a measily one paragraph post.

It’s been a very full-on month since my last post, involving an largish annual event I organise and then buying a new house and contemplating the nightmare of packing up my house and moving, so there has been little mental and actual time for crafting and sewing.

I had rather optimistically thought I could sneak in the time to join in the Jump Rope Dress sew along and had got as far as buying the pattern and the (absolutely lovely) fabric. I’ve even managed to pre-wash the fabric so perhaps I can convince myself that I’ve started the project?! Does that count? Anyway I hope now to get on with that over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also been trying out some new embroidery techniques and hope to have evidence of these to show you some time very soon. And I’ve been pattern buying and book buying, and I’m still slogging away at my hexagons. However the one area where I’m really lacking in any photographic evidence of all this!

So all in all I think it’s best to forget about my lack of blogging in September and start concentrating on all the stuff that I promise to show you in October.




A few weeks ago I was browsing through my daily quota of blogs and saw this post on Tree Fall about June Craft on Etsy. The craft lover in me was immediately attracted to the great designs but then the dachshund owner and fanatic took over when I saw the dachshund toy and the print.


Some time later I was day dreaming about how I’d like to decorate my daughter’s new bedroom and I remembered the print. The red and turquoise will be perfect for her room and of course the subject matter couldn’t be better. I also ordered a little dachshund toy to sew as well.

long dog

The parcel arrived very promptly and was very prettily packaged. There was also a little badge pinned on to the card however this was immediately commandeered by my daughter and I wasn’t able to add it to the photo.

If I was a conscientious crafter there would now be a photo of the finished toy, however I have to admit that it has been added to the ever-growing to do list. I do promise that the moment I’ve sewn it together and stuffed it I will add a photo!


Just to add to my complications, I’ve been without an internet connection at home since last week. The ADSL line went wrong for no reason and it has taken until now to fix it. So my usual slow posting pace has shrunk to nothing.  And I’d even carefully taken new photos, ready to add to Flickr just so that I could post about them.

However I have been hard at work with my hexagons – I’m now up to 665 which is probably about half way. I’m avoiding sewing them together until I have nearly all as I want the various patterns to be totally mixed up throughout the quilt and not pooled in one place. It’s going to be busy few months of sewing!

I’ve been looking at 2 inch hexagons on Flickr and I’m quite tempted to do something with these as well – obviously once I’ve finished the quilt! I really like the large size of the hexagon and the fact that the fabric patterns are shown off better. Perhaps I could make a few cushions?  Hmmm, too many ideas and not enough time to do them all………


My weekend got off to a really great start when I found out that my embroidered bag had been featured in the One Pretty Thing Flickr roundup:

As this is one of my favourite sites and where I have found so many great tutorials and ideas, you can imagine how excited I was about being included.  

I now feel the pressure’s on to keep creating!!


I started reading sewing blogs about a year ago by chance.  I taught myself to crochet at the beginning of 2009 and soon joined Ravelry, which has been the source of a lot of inspiration and a great help in understanding what I’m actually doing and, more importantly, where I’m going wrong.  Then I came across one particular member  and saw that she had a blog where she regularly posted both crochet and sewing projects.  I’ve been back to visit her blog many, many times and I’ve found that the blogs that she lists on her site are also amazing places for inspiration.

One of these that I regularly read is Chalet Girl.  A few months ago she was having a giveaway to celebrate the third birthday of her blog and I commented on the post and was really pleased to learn that I’d been picked to receive a prize of a selection of fabric scraps.  As a total newcomer to the world of sewing, and living far away from fabric shops that stock quilting cottons etc, this couldn’t have been a better prize as it meant I could actually see and touch many of the fabrics that until then I’d only seen on the internet.  The little bundle of scraps arrived in amazingly quick time all the way from Australia and have been sitting waiting for the right kind of project.  

So obviously when I started to make hexagons for my daughter’s charm quilt I thought about these scraps and realised that many of them were large enough to be used.  I picked out all those in the right sort of colours and managed to make these 50 hexagons to be added to my stash of basted hexagons:

And what is more, there are still lots more scraps to be used in other projects! 

I’m really happy to be including these hexagons in my first quilt – to me they represent the warmth and friendliness of the online sewing community, something which inspired me to jump in and create a blog for myself.  So thank you so much Sheridan!

So many projects, so little time

As a world class starter of projects and a gold medalist at not quite finishing them, I thought that having a blog might force me to see my forays into crafting through to the end.  I hope I’m proved right.