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I’m a 39 year old mother of a delightful little girl.  At the moment we’re living in central Italy.

I’ve always been creative and enjoyed sewing, tapestry, painting, drawing and all sorts of crafts as a child.  In the intervening years work rather got in the way of my creative side.  However since my daughter arrived three years ago, I’ve had a burst of inspiration and am slowly starting to make things again. 

It started with learning to crochet, progressed to embroidery and then earlier this year I found myself hand-sewing a Sleeping Beauty costume.  So I’m taking a deep breath,  I’ve bought myself a sewing machine and have decided to get sewing.

As a long-term lover of other people’s blogs, I thought that having my own would make me actually start, and possibly even finish, all the myriad projects I sit and dream about.

PS.  Why Dream Bug?  Well, my daughter looked rather like Bugdozer from the Richard Scarry books when she was a baby and so the nickname “Bug” has sort of stuck.

If you’d like to contact me please email: bugdreaming at gmail dot com


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