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Out of hibernation

Well I thought that I could no longer justify my blog absence and that it was about time to once more dip my toe into the water and write something.

The main reason for my lack of posts has been a rather large house/country move which started in October last year and it is only now that I’m starting to feel settled enough and unpacked enough to get back into the swing of my blog. However I haven’t been totally lacking in creativity over the last few months and have done a little bit of sewing, and even started on the final run of hexagons that I’m going to need for my charm quilt!

In January I made my daughter a couple of Ice Cream Dresses from needlecord. I’ve never sewn with needlecord before and was worried about the heaviness but actually it was pretty easy to sew with. Due to the slightly heavier material I decided to make a slightly easier version of the dress by leaving out the notches from the neckline and pockets (actually I left out the pockets completely on one of the dresses – much to the disgust of my daughter!).

Initially I was going to make one dress. I found some bright pink cord and wanted something with a pattern for the band at the bottom of the dress. However it turned out that patterned pink cord was almost impossible to find. I eventually found a gorgeous patterned cord on Prints to Polka Dots which appeared to me to be pinker than it was. When it turned up I realised that I needed an eye test because the main colour is actually a lovely coral red with hints of teal and pink. So now I had a length of pink and a smaller length of patterned cord and needed to match both.

Luckily I love close to a really nice fabric/yarn shop and by chance in early January they received a shipment of patterned and plain needlecord and there I found a deep teal and a sweet sprigged pink flower printed cord.

The first dress I made was the teal one. This cord was actually verging on normal weight and was quite bulky to sew with which is why I baulked at the idea of pockets. To add to this, the much lighter weight patterned cord has a percentage of elastane and so had an annoying habit of changing shape as I sewed. However with a bit of effort I managed to make the dress and I am so pleased with how it has turned out.




The second dress should have been a lot easier as the two cords were pretty much the same weight, however I made a slight hash of the top stitching on the bodice of this one, especially on the back. Having said that, it has now been worn numerous times and machine washed (and tumble dried) and it is standing up well and the wiggly stitching is hardly noticeable at all.




This was the first time that I sewed dresses without pre-washing the fabric and I was slightly worried about that. I made both the dress in the size 5 pattern as my just 4 year old daughter is rather tall (and the size 4 Ice Cream dress I made in the summer is a bit of a snug fit for her). When I washed the pink dress it shrunk slightly but nothing too much. As yet I haven’t washed the other dress but I will probably be more careful about that due to the difference in fabric colours and weights.

I really enjoy making the Ice Cream Dress. It is a satisfying project which produces a lovely looking dress that my daughter is really happy to wear. I will definitely be making lots more. Actually I’ve got some needlecord already lined up to make dress number 3. Could that be classed as overkill?!


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