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A few weeks ago I was browsing through my daily quota of blogs and saw this post on Tree Fall about June Craft on Etsy. The craft lover in me was immediately attracted to the great designs but then the dachshund owner and fanatic took over when I saw the dachshund toy and the print.


Some time later I was day dreaming about how I’d like to decorate my daughter’s new bedroom and I remembered the print. The red and turquoise will be perfect for her room and of course the subject matter couldn’t be better. I also ordered a little dachshund toy to sew as well.

long dog

The parcel arrived very promptly and was very prettily packaged. There was also a little badge pinned on to the card however this was immediately commandeered by my daughter and I wasn’t able to add it to the photo.

If I was a conscientious crafter there would now be a photo of the finished toy, however I have to admit that it has been added to the ever-growing to do list. I do promise that the moment I’ve sewn it together and stuffed it I will add a photo!


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