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I discovered the joy that is Spoonflower a few months ago and, when I had come up with my (extremely basic) little bug logo for this blog, I thought I’d see what it would look like as a printed fabric. 

I’d originally doodled the bug on a piece of scrap paper one morning while I was waiting for my emails to download. This scrap sat around for a few weeks and then I scanned it and asked a friend (who knows how to use Illustrator) to turn it into a usable image file. She sent it back to me in ladybird colours but I’d always envisaged the bug as a pink or green bug and so we tried a couple of options (basing the choice of shades on some Ikea napkins I’d bought ages ago for my daughter’s christening party).


My friend was rather doubtful about the number of legs that the bug has – surely there should be at least 4, if not 6? However I wanted to keep the bug as close to how I’d drawn it as possible. In the future, when I’ve mastered Illustrator, I’ll be happy to fiddle around with my own drawings!

A couple of days later I asked the same friend to make me up another file with the bugs in 3 different colour variations and lined up in a certain way.


I quite liked the layout and so uploaded it to Spoonflower, fiddled around a bit with the repeat pattern and then ordered my swatch.


It is by no means perfect and in fact, almost as soon as I’d ordered it, I thought of more complicated and interesting patterns I could have come up with, but it was an experiment. The swatch arrived pretty quickly, wrapped up in tissue paper, and has been sitting around waiting for me to take a photo which I finally did earlier this month and then immediately turned the swatch into hexagons to add to my quilt. I like the idea of a few of them being in there!

I’m fascinated with the design of fabric and it is definitely something I’d like to explore in the future. I’ve got a lot of idea whirling around in my head and I’d like to find a spare moment to sit down with some crayons or paint and just sketch them out.

Earlier this month the theme for Spoonflower’s contest was “cheater quilt fabric” and there were some great prints. The very deserving winner was Melanie Sullivan from Texas Freckles who came up with a lovely design, made with one inch hexagons in mind. I shall definitely be ordering some of it to also add to my quilt. I’ve got to get all those hexagons somehow!!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for taking us through the process…I always enjoy seeing how others go about designing. You made some excellent choices about color and patterning. Love your bug as your logo!

  2. Thank you. It was fun trying to design a fabric and gave me so many ideas for other patterns. I’ll definitely try designing some more.

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