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Just to add to my complications, I’ve been without an internet connection at home since last week. The ADSL line went wrong for no reason and it has taken until now to fix it. So my usual slow posting pace has shrunk to nothing.  And I’d even carefully taken new photos, ready to add to Flickr just so that I could post about them.

However I have been hard at work with my hexagons – I’m now up to 665 which is probably about half way. I’m avoiding sewing them together until I have nearly all as I want the various patterns to be totally mixed up throughout the quilt and not pooled in one place. It’s going to be busy few months of sewing!

I’ve been looking at 2 inch hexagons on Flickr and I’m quite tempted to do something with these as well – obviously once I’ve finished the quilt! I really like the large size of the hexagon and the fact that the fabric patterns are shown off better. Perhaps I could make a few cushions?  Hmmm, too many ideas and not enough time to do them all………


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