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A month into my charm quilt and I’ve arrived at 525 hexagons. I would have been a lot further ahead but, seeing as I’ve started this quilt without the back up of a large fabric stash, I’ve been buying charm packs and fat quarters as I go (and when I’ve got the spare cash!) from Etsy sellers (mainly) and then waiting for the Italian post to deliver them.

A couple of weeks ago I received a charm pack of Japanese Kokka fairy story fabric which I thought would add some cuteness to the quilt:

fairy tales

I particularly like this one of Cinderella and the Prince:


The Nicey Jane and Rainy Days & Mondays charm packs are perfect for my colour scheme and I’m very happy about how they look as hexagons:


pinks and greens

I’ve now ordered some Michael Miller Daisy Dance (I like the idea of a bit of gingham in the quilt) and I’m mulling over some City Weekend or Urban Chicks Dream On. As there are still a lot more hexagons to be made I’m sure I’ll need to get both and more besides.


4 Responses

  1. Hi there! I am a Newby to the Hexagon scene and have joined up with Texas Freckles on her Piece Along. That’s where I found your interesting blog :0)
    I haven’t started any yet, but will be getting busy with PREPARATIONS!
    Have a lovely day,

    • Hello Val! Welcome to the addiction! I’m very much a newbie too but it’s surprising how quickly one learns how to make a hexagon and then making them is very fast indeed. Perhaps the sewing them together part will be more of a problem!

  2. I’ve been seeing hexagons everywhere. I love yours! The fairy story fabric is adorable.

    I just got some urban chicks dream on and it’s amazing! You should definitely get some.

  3. […] fairy tales Image by RDV dreambug.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/525-2/ […]

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