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Hexagon mania

There has been a lot of talk about hexagons of late on many of the blogs I read and so I thought it might be fun to try.  I’m almost wishing I hadn’t!  What is it about basting hexagons that is so addictive?  I started basting on Sunday afternoon and within a very short time had a pile of 99 one inch hexagons, so now my mad idea of making a hand pieced charm quilt for my daughter doesn’t seem quite so absurd. 

I found a very handy pdf provided by Texas Freckles and spent free moments last week madly cutting up hexagons.  There are a lot of other great tutorials on other blogs but it was Melanie’s that inspired me to jump in and get started.  And in order to keep up the pace I’ve also decided to join the charm quilt piece-along.


2 Responses

  1. Have to agree on the addictive nature of sewing hexagons! These look lovely, so bright. Look forward to seeing how your quilt progresses.

    • Thank you! I’m going for colours suitable for a 3 year old girl – at the moment there is a lot of pink but I’m waiting for some more acqua toned fabric to arrive that I’ve ordered to dilute the pinkness a bit. I’m now up to 332 hexagons – only about a thousand to go……….

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